A 24-hour hospitalization is sufficient to carry out the procedure to
eliminate the pain of trigeminal neuralgia with utmost safety

Treatment includes:

  • 1. Preliminary examinations
  • 2. Operative surgery with sedation
  • 3. Post-operative care


Within 24 hours of admission to the clinic, the patient is discharged

Non invasive
It does not require any incisions in the skin

Through the use of radiological instrumentation (targeted fluoroscopy)

This mini-invasive treatment, practiced at the Ugo Delfino Medical Studio, is performed on a sedated patient with targeted fluoroscopy. Special radiological imaging makes it easy to view the foramen ovale and reach the Gasserian ganglion. Chemical lesions with ethanol creates a minimal wound which will last 6 – 15 years, and which does not touch any part of the brain. This kind of action damages the pain-sensory nerves yet saving the other, more resistant nervous structures. In this way, the sensitivity of the face is preserved. This technique, unlike any other, has been employed extensively since 1978 and is practical for all ages with complete safety.

Trigeminal neuralgia: the treatment

A specialist in Trigeminal Neuralgia, Prof. Ugo Delfino is a graduate of Medicine and Surgery with his specialization in Anesthesia and Cardiology. In 1978 he traveled to New York to Prof. A. Ecker’s Neurosurgery Clinic to learn the most modern selective transcutaneous ganglionic surgery with targeted fluoroscopy for trigeminal neuralgia. Since then, his clinical activity has focused on anesthesia and neuroleptic blocks for chronic and malignant pain, especially on the trigeminal nerve, with an operative volume that currently exceeds 9400 cases of chronic trigeminal neuralgia.

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Costa Smeralda

Clinica Sede Sapientiae

The Sedes Sapientiae Clinic is located in the heart of the city of Turin in Italy, just a short drive from the main railway stations of the city. The Clinic’s mission is to place the individual at the center of its activities and to adhere to the highest standards of quality.

At the nursing home “La Madonnina” and the private institute “Unisalus” in Milan, Italy, it is possible to undergo the selective trigeminal neurolysis with fluoroscopy with the assistance of highly qualified personnel and latest generation technologies, at the service of the well-being of the the patient.

The Ruesch Clinic is one of the oldest private clinical establishmets in Naples. It was born in 1919 by the Swiss industrialist Carlo Giorgio Ruesch, who wanted to offer free health assistance to its employees, workers in the Sarno mills, and to their families.

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