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The surgical activity of Studio Medico Ugo Delfino takes place in well-proven facilities in the city of Turin, at the “Fornaca di Sessant Clinic”, where, patients are ablo to undergo, in total safety, the selective trigeminal neurolysis with fluoroscopy with the assistance of highly qualified personnel and the use of latest generation technologies.


The Sessant Clinician Clinic has always been a point of reference in Piedmont private healthcare.
Its mission is to provide quality healthcare and constantly improving, to constantly research and sustain the ethics of safeguarding the health, the safety and the psychophysical well-being both of its operators (with reference to the prevention of accidents at work and occupational illnesses) and its patients (with reference to the monitoring of health and safety hazards).
In addition, it undertakes to promptly adapt its performance to emerging health needs and to meet the expectations of citizens and operators through the continuous improvement of the business management system.
The Fornaca Clinic places the person at the center of its work and considers the quality the foundation of the whole activity.

Fornaca Clinic for trigeminal neuralgia

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Fornaca di Sessant Clinic

C.so Vittorio Emanuele II, 91

10128 Turin, Italy

+39 348 96 89 318 to talk with a specialist
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Prof. Ugo Delfino, a graduate in Medicine and Surgery, specializing in Anesthesia and Cardiology, traveled to New York to the Neurosurgery Clinic of Prof. A. Ecker in 1978 to learn the most modern selective transcutaneous ganglion surgery with fluoroscopy focused on trigeminal neuralgia.
Since then, his clinical activity has focused on anesthesia and neurolytic blocks for chronic and malignant pain, especially on the trigeminal nerve, with surgical records that currently exceed 8600 cases of chronic trigeminal neuralgia.


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