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The surgical activity of Studio Medico Ugo Delfino takes place in Switzerland at the Lugano Regional Hospital, where Prof. Delfino has been named “Supervisor of Percutaneous Gasserian alcohol interventions for addressing Trigeminal Neuralgia”. In this hospital is possible to undergo neurolysis with targeted trigeminal fluoroscopy, an effective and safe intervention to solve the pain of trigeminal neuralgia.

Lugano Regional Hospital

Lugano Regional Hospital is part of the EOC (Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale), the organization that connects some of the best Swiss public hospital, famous for the quality and the safety of their care, with the aim of offering patients the best possible assistance throughout the cantonal territory.
The structure, in fact, offers a wide range of specialized services, characterized by a multidisciplinary approach, in order to take care of the patient in a global way. Equipped with modern and avant-garde infrastructure, the Hospital is committed to constantly contributing to the training of professionals who work there, ensuring a continuous improvement of assistance methods. Furthermore, the Lugano Regional Hospital considers the research as a basis for innovation in medicine; that’s why it promotes the progress of medical techniques and nursing, collaborating with the main university in the area.

Lugano Regional Hospital

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Dott. Luca Valci – Neurosurgery Service


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