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Trigeminal neuralgia is a very difficult condition to tolerate, characterized by extremely painful attacks. Selective trigeminal neurolysis with fluoroscopy practiced at the Ugo Delfino Medical Studio is a safe and effective procedure for treating the symptoms of trigeminal nerve inflammation.

So what do people say about the surgery at the Ugo Delfino Medical Studio?

  • “My facial pains started at the end of 2011. On October 29, 2013 I was hospitalized at Besta-Milano hospital without solving the symptoms of the pain. Only recently have I been to Turin and finally Ugo Delfino has understood my symptoms, that is, the presence of an extensive and bilateral trigeminal neuralgia that has been suitably taken care of.”

    Valentino Iacopucci, Vasto (CH) – operated on 15/09/2017 – Tel. 333 2581437
  • “From 2013 I suffered from right trigeminal neuralgia with daily violent attacks. I took high doses of antiepileptic drugs: 300 mg of Gabapentin x 3; 90 mg of Arcoxia. On June 21, 2017 I resolved my problem definitively with targeted intervention on the ganglion, without any incision, without complications, carried out by Prof. Ugo Delfino.”

    Monica Baldessin, Alba (CN) – operated on 21/06/2017 – Tel. 377 2573537
  • “In 2015, in Bari, I had two thermolesion procedures without any benefit. Actually, the violent shocks radiated to the right-hand three nerve branches. On March 30, 2017, I underwent trigeminal neurology with fluoroscopy under sedation and now I live peacefully.”

    Michele Torluccio, Potenza – operated on 30/03/2017 – Tel. 347 1134831